Department of Mechanical Engineering




Head of The Department: Er. Deep Kanwar
Contact no: +91-8146997025

Known as the core and evergreen branch of engineering, The principles of mechanical Engineering involved in the design, study, development and construction of nearly all of the physical devices and system. The Mechanical Engineering department boasts of producing highly skilled technocrats.
In the modern era where the world is globalizing and new challenges or competitions are immersing. The Mechanical Engineering department has been designed to produce highly skilled technocrats to meet the ever growing demands and challenges of the world. The demand for a skilled engineer has always been there. The department has been producing excellent results with distinctions in the university examinations consistently.
Continued research and development has led to better machines and processes helping the mankind. Our students have been actively associating themselves with industries through industrial projects. The association of Mechanical Engineering has been regularly conducting seminars and guest lectures by eminent personalities in various fields of mechanical engineering.

1. Thermal Engineering Lab
2. CAD Lab (MNU)
3. Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab
4. IC Engines Lab
5. Machine Lab – I&II
6. Strength Of Material Lab
7. Theory of Machine Lab
 8. Heat & Mass Transfer