Department of Compter Science & Engineering


Head of The Department: Er. Ranveer
Contact no: +91-9814826622

The department was started in the year 2008, with an intake of 60 students, offering a bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering, under Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. In these years of academic services, the department has grown up steadily


Computer Science offers a variety of options and opportunities on course completion. The obvious option of getting employed in the software sector is quite alive, as more and more opportunities are getting created on a regular basis. The first and foremost point to be kept in mind is that Computer Science is a breed of science that constitutes of numerous fields and areas within which one can prosper and master. In a student point of view, ranging from gaming, graphical designing, application programming, web development, embedded systems, etc. are a handful among a pool. Apart from that, computer science enthusiasts and graduates are also placed in a variety of sectors including Information Technology, System Administration, Banking, Schools, Universities, and Engineering Colleges etc.


 The department is well equipped with five laboratories for U.G programme. The laboratories are well managed by experienced Non-Teaching staff. The Computer Maintenance Cell (CMC) which is the part of the department has responsibilities of managing Campus-Wide IT infrastructure, including Computers, Networking (Wired / Wireless), and Internet facilities.